Catch 4 Colbenson

Ice Fishing Tournament Rules

1.      All valid state fishing rules apply. Each participant must have valid 2010-2011 fishing license. No fishing licenses will be sold on the lake.

2.      Contest set to begin at 12:00 pm and end at 3:00 pm. No baited lines in the water prior to 12:00 pm. Weighted lines and depth finders are allowed to be used before tournament to check depth. All electronics are allowed during contest.  Fishing allowed in designated area only. Cones shall mark designated area.

3.      Fishing inside fish houses will be allowed. Contest staff reserves the right to inspect fish houses, vehicles and coolers for fish caught prior to tournament start time. If ice conditions are deemed not safe per contest staff, Wright County or Minnesota DNR, fish houses and vehicles will NOT be allowed on the ice.

4.      All participants must have a blue ticket to register a fish. A participant may register more than one fish. Each fish must have a separate blue ticket $5.00 each. Blue Tickets are available at the contest site. Tournament tickets (blue) and cash raffle tickets (red) are separate items.

5.      Fish must be alive to be registered. Dead or frozen fish will be disqualified. Fish will be released at judging stand only. Any fish kept by participants will have tail clipped by judges. Only judges and participant with fish will be allowed in scale area. All registered fish will be announced.

6.      Fish will be weighed to exact weight; no rounding up or down. Judges documented weight is final. One weigh-in per fish. Participant must sign blue ticket approving the determined weight for valid fish registration.

7.      Contest staff reserves the right to investigate any fish brought to judging stand. Any fish deemed tampered with will be disqualified and contestant will be excused from tournament.

8.      In the event that two fish weigh the same, the first fish registered at the winning weight will be ruled the winner.

9.      Fish weigh-in closes at 3:00 pm. A marker will be set in line at close time; all fish after marker will not be allowed.

10.  The 12th largest fish wins the Grand Prize fish house. Tournament fish are limited to: game fish (northern pike, walleye, bass) and pan fish (crappie, sunny, perch). If twelve (12) fish are not caught, the next largest fish (11th, 10th, etc.) will win the Grand Prize fish house.

11.  Prizes will be awarded for largest game fish (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and largest pan fish (1st). The winner of the Grand Prize fish house is also eligible for these prizes. These prizes will be distributed at 3:30 pm. All parties deemed as contest staff are eligible to fish and win prizes.

12.  Contest prizes are the responsibility of winners; including, but not limited to tax, license and transportation. Grand Prize fish house can be picked up by winner after transfer of title from Beth Colbenson to winning contestant.

13.  No warranties given by contest staff on any prizes including Grand Prize fish house.

14.  All contestants and others hereby consent to use of names, photos, or likeness of themselves to be used for promotion of contest including but not limited to print, radio, TV, or other media.

15.  Tournament may be cancelled by judges at any time due to weather or bad ice.

16.  Enter lake and fish at your own risk. Contest staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Contest staff is not responsible for any accidents on the ice or in parking areas.  Contest staff reserves the right to excuse anyone at any time. Anyone who is excused will forfeit any fish registered. All judges and contest staff decisions are final.

17.  Pick up your garbage. No glass containers allowed on ice. Glass containers may be confiscated and forfeited to contest staff at any time. No fires on the ice.

18.  Contest staff will not be drilling fishing holes.